We proudly offer honest, quality service

to aircraft sellers. 

 Sales Rates: 
We charge 3% of the aircraft sale price (minimum of $1,500).  Our rate is negotiable

 for aircraft with a sales price $500,000 and above.  Seller pays cost of agreed-upon 

 advertising and any other agreed-upon expenses.

 Sales Service includes:

 »  Introducing buyers to sellers and sellers to buyers.
​ »  Expert aircraft valuation based on industry standards and current 
 »  Photographing aircraft for sale, creating and placing advertising.
 »  Fielding all inquiries, providing detailed information to prospective buyers.
 »  Consultation services on aircraft performance characteristics, 
avionics, etc.
 »  Conveyance of offers.
 »  Facilitating pre-purchase inspections.
 »  Arranging for aircraft showings and/or flights.
 »  Assisting in price negotiation.
 »  Providing contracts and FAA forms.
 »  Suggesting options for financing and insurance.

 »  ...and more as needed!

»  Seller pays for all agreed-upon advertising costs.
 »  Your aircraft will be featured on the Nospinaircraft.com website for no charge. 
 »  We typically advertise your aircraft in print and/or web versions of publications

     such as Trade-A-Plane, Controller, GlobalAir, Barnstormers, and other agreed-upon

     for-pay sites and venues, along with a number of free sites.
 »  For no additional charge, No-Spin Aircraft Sales will create a presentation using 

     photos of your aircraft which will be posted on Rumble.com and included on our

     website and in advertising where possible.